Have you been told you have a cavity? Your dentist may have suggested SDF treatment. SDF, Silver Diamine Fluoride, does not remove the active decay, rather it acts as a “seal” preventing the infected tooth’s decay from spreading to the neighboring teeth. SDF is a solution that is applied with a small brush called a microbrush. After application, SDF gradually turns the decayed region a charcoal grey or black color. This coloring is not temporary and will remain dark. SDF is generally reapplied every 6 months to ensure that the seal is still effective.

When is dental SDF treatment used? SDF is not usually used as a long-term solution. While this is not an all-inclusive list, some of the cases SDF is recommend are: the tooth is a baby tooth and will fall out soon so it is not worth traumatizing the child; the patient intends on filling the tooth later; the tooth is not going to be able to be saved long term and the patient would like to keep the tooth for the time being.

Ask your dentist if you have further questions regarding SDF treatment.