Have you received a treatment plan from your dentist for a root canal? You may be wondering, “What is a root canal?” A root canal is the treatment of inflammation or infection in the pulp, commonly known as the root of a tooth.

Why do I need a root canal? Dentists recommend root canals for deep cavities, chipped or cracked teeth, and other similar conditions. A root canal is needed to prevent microbes or bacteria from harboring in the pulp chamber creating infection or inflammation. When microbes cause infection, patients usually experience symptoms such as, but not limited to, pain, swelling, formation of puss pockets or puss discharge. What do I do if I experience these symptoms? It is best to contact a dental office right away to have your condition evaluated and treated according to the dentist’s professional recommendations.

What should I expect when getting a root canal? Your dentist will prepare your tooth for the root canal procedure by numbing the tooth’s nerve so that you are comfortable for the procedure. Next, your dentist will access the tooth’s pulp chamber by creating an access point and remove the pulp. After this, your dentist will use a small file to administer special medication to the pulp chamber to treat and clean the area. Once your dentist has finished the cleaning process, a filling material will be placed to occupy the now-hollow space the pulp previously occupied. The last step would be placing a crown over the tooth to protect the tooth’s structure and functionality.