Emergencies tend to happen when we least expect them or are least prepared. So, what do you do if you have a dental emergency? When a dental emergency occurs, it is best to call a dentist. Dentists specialize in the treatment of teeth and tooth-related illnesses and are best suited to treat many oral complications you may be experiencing. For this reason, most dental practices have appointments reserved for emergency patients.

What do I tell the dental office if I am scheduling an emergency dental visit? If you feel that you have a dental emergency, notify the patient coordinator receiving your call. It is important to be thorough and answer any questions they may have regarding your dental emergency. For example, if a patient calls with oral pain on the lower right that has been persistent for fourteen days, it is best that the patient specifies that the pain has been present for fourteen days, primarily when sleeping, and that the pain is coming from a tooth on the lower right. This will help the patient coordinator establish an appointment that works best for your emergency dental needs.

Where do you go if you are having a dental emergency? If the dental office is closed or you cannot find an available dentist, you may visit the local emergency room.